The Constitution of the Community College Planning and Research Organization

article i
name of the organization

section 1. the name of the organization for which this constitution is written and established is the north carolina community college planning and research organization, hereafter referred to as ccpro.

article ii

section 1. the purpose of ccpro is to promote and advance institutional effectiveness through planning, assessment, and research. ccpro shall promote cooperative efforts, professional ideas and principles; the professional development of its members; and effective communications with other related professional organizations. ccpro shall strive to aid its members in better fulfilling institutional effectiveness duties by sharing information and expertise on accreditation, legislative mandates, evaluation, assessment, effective methods, tools, techniques, and procedures.

article iii

section 1. there shall be two types of membership: active and associate.

section 2. active membership shall be open to those individuals whose duties include responsibility for institutional effectiveness, research and/or planning in the north carolina community college system. active membership consists of all those who attend the winter conference.

section 3. associate membership shall be open to those other persons who have an interest in institutional effectiveness, research and/or planning, but do not participate in the winter conference. associate members are entitled to all rights and privileges of active members and may join at any time during the year.

article iv
officers and executive committee

section 1. the officers of ccpro shall be a president, a president-elect, a secretary, a treasurer, and five (5) directors. one director will be the immediate past president. one director will be chosen from each of three geographic regions, and one at large.

section 2. the officers and directors will constitute the executive committee and the elected president of ccpro shall serve as chair of the executive committee.

section 3. the executive committee shall have authority to act between meetings of ccpro; said actions to be reported at the next regular meeting.

section 4. the elected officers shall have duties as follows:

president - the president shall: (a) serve as chair of the executive committee and preside at all meetings of ccpro; (b) act as spokesperson for ccpro; (c) have general responsibility for promoting membership in ccpro; (d) appoint committee members; and (e) perform any other duties necessary to assist ccpro in achieving its purpose as stated in this constitution.

president-elect - the president-elect shall: (a) perform all of the duties of the president in the absence of that officer; (b) assist the president; (c) serve as chair of the program planning committee; (d) assume the duties of the president in the event that a vacancy occurs prior to the expiration of the term of the office; and (e) assume the office of president at the end of the president's term.

secretary - the secretary shall: (a) keep and publish annually an accurate listing of the members of ccpro and provide a list during the sinter meeting; (b) keep and publish the minutes of the winter meeting and of meetings of the executive committee.

treasurer - the treasurer shall: (a) collect annual dues and registration fees and provide updated membership lists to the secretary for publication; (b) provide for the payment of duly authorized expenses of ccpro; (c) prepare formal financial statements for the executive committee meetings and for the winter meeting; (d) prepare the annual budget.

regional directors - the director elected from each region shall: (a) assume responsibility of organizing regional workshop; (b) attend executive board meetings; (c) conduct regional group meetings at the conferences; (d) serve on the summer conference planning committee.

at-large-director - the at-large director shall: (a) attend executive board meetings; (b) keep abreast of issues pertaining to the organization; (c) assist the president or other board members upon request; (d) assist the president-elect with conference programs. editor - the editor of ccpro publications shall be an appointed position and shall serve as an ex officio member of the executive board.

article v
elections and voting

section 1. each active member shall have one vote.

section 2. elections shall be held at the winter meeting of ccpro; the terms of office shall begin at the conclusion of the winter meeting and continue until the conclusion of the next winter meeting.

section 3. the nominating committee shall accept nominations during the month prior to the winter conference and shall provide a slate of officers to the membership for election at the winter meeting. nominations shall also be accepted from the floor at the time of elections.

section 4. in the event an elected officer vacancy occurs prior to or during the summer meeting of ccpro, an election shall be held for that position at the summer meeting and the elected officer shall serve until the next winter meeting. officer vacancies that occur after the summer meeting and before the winter meeting shall remain open until the regular winter meeting election.

article vi

section 1. the semi-annual meetings of ccpro shall be held in the summer and winter of each year or at times and places set by the executive committee.

section 2. special meetings of ccpro may be called by the president, by a majority of the executive committee, by regional directors in their areas. it is the responsibility of the caller of the meeting to make proper arrangements and provide notice to the membership prior to the meeting.

section 3. meetings of ccpro shall be open to guests of members.

article vii
financial affairs

section 1. ccpro is a non-profit organization. funds from conference registrations and associate memberships shall be used to fulfill the ccpro purpose as stated in article ii.

section 2. the treasurer shall be custodian of all funds of ccpro, shall select a proper depository for such funds, and shall be further authorized to pay all bills of ccpro provided such payment has been authorized by the executive committee. the president also shall be authorized to pay bills in the name of ccpro.

section 3. the fiscal year and membership year of ccpro shall be from january 1 through december 31.

article viii

section 1. a nominating committee of at least three active members shall be appointed by the president not later than ninety (90) days prior to each winter meeting. the immediate past president shall serve as chair.

section 2. a program planning committee shall be appointed by the president to plan the semi-annual meetings of ccpro. the president-elect shall serve as chair.

section 3. an auditing committee shall be appointed by the president. this committee shall audit the treasurer's books for the preceding fiscal year and report to the executive committee at the winter meeting.

section 4. the president may appoint such other committees as are needed to achieve the objectives of ccpro.

article ix

section 1. the executive committee shall have the power to recommend amendments to the constitution provided the proposed amendments are circulated to the general membership at least four (4) weeks prior to a semi-annual meeting at which time the proposed amendments shall be considered. any amendment must be approved by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active membership present.

article x

section 1. all matters pertaining to parliamentary procedure shall be in accordance with roberts rules of order, revised.

article xi
recognition and awards

section 1. upon two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the executive committee ccpro is authorized to present awards to individuals or associations in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of institutional effectiveness, research, planning, and/or outstanding service to ccpro.


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